AP001 GPS Antenna Waterproof IP67

AP001 GPS Antenna Waterproof IP67

Wellshow’s high quality external GPS antenna(Model NO. AP001) will unleash and power various GPS receiver. Just mounting magnetically to the roof of vehicle and connecting it with the GPS receiver antenna jack, you can maintain the best possible accuracy by having a lock on the greatest number of satellite

A 100% waterproof GPS Antenna design, small size and light weight external GPS antenna is portable and can reinforces your GPS receiver when you are in urban canyon downtown, hike under heavy tree covered,  and when your vehicle is in high speed motion.

Waterproof GPS AntennaAnywhere your GPS Antenna receiver can’t face upward the sky or can’t have a good view of the sky, you need a high quality, 100% waterproof GPS Antenna, high accurate satellite signal, easy installation outdoor external GPS antenna!

A wild range of RF Connectors like SMA, SMB, MMCX, MCX are available for connecting with various GPS receiver antenna jacks. Choose suitable cable length and connector type external GPS antenna from Wellshow Technology, you will arrive your destination easily and quickly.

RoHS, UKAS, EQA compliant, Design in Taiwan, Made in Taiwan, 100% VNA testing, RoHS compliant, Outdoor use, Accurate signal receiving, Easy installation, Heavy magnetic, Light weight, Small size are the reason you shall choose Wellshow external GPS Antenna.

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