Hirose Connector

Hirose provides several Ultra miniature RF coaxial connectors like U.FL connectors, W.FL connectors, H.FL connectors, E.FL connectors, N.FL connectors, and W.FL2 connectors.

Most Hirose mini RF coaxial connectors were designed to transmit signal from DC to 6GHz except Hirose H.FL connector. H.FL connector works at DC~3GHz, and is commonly used in GPS module like Trimble Lassen SQ GPS Module and Lassen iQ GPS Module.

Plug/ Male connector is designed to be terminated with RF coaxial cables like 1.13mm, 1.32mm, 1.37mm, RG178mm, 1.48mm and 0.81mm, and will be sold as pigtail. Jack/ Female connector is designed to be surface-mounted type, and will be soldered on various embedded systems like the Mini PCI card and various GSM modules, GPS modules, WLAN modules.

Hirose RF connectors

DescriptionMated HeightPlug PNCable GroupReceptacle PNWorking Frequency
U.FL connector2.5mmU.FL-LP-0400.81mmU.FL-R-SMT0 ~ 6GHz
W.FL connector1.5mmW.FL plug0.81mmW.FL-R-SMT-10 ~ 6GHz
H.FL connector3.0mmH.FL plug1.32mmH.FL-R-SMT0 ~ 3GHz
H.FL plug1.37mm
H.FL plug1.48mm
H.FL plugRG178
E.FL connector3.0mmE.FL-LP-0661.32mmE.FL-R-SMT0 ~ 2GHz
N.FL connector1.5mmN.FL-LP-0400.81mmN.FL-R-SMT-10 ~ 6GHz
W.FL2 connector1.2mmW.FL2 plug0.81mmW.FL2-R-SMT-10 ~ 6GHz

Compatible Information

U.FL plugU.FL-LP-040 Compatible toIPEX MHF plug20278-112R-08
Sunridge MCBG plugMCBG#68
U.FL-LP-068Compatible toIPEX MHF plug20278-112R-13
Sunridge MCBG plugMCBG#59
U.FL-LP-066Compatible toIPEX MHF plug20278-112R32
Sunridge MCBG plugMCBG#59
U.FL-LP-088Compatible toIPEX MHF37 plug20351-112R-37
U.FL receptacleU.FL-R-SMTCompatible toIPEX MHF receptacle20279-001E-01
Sunridge MCB receptacleMCB-ST-00T
W.FL plugW.FL plugCompatible toIPEX MHFIII plug20367-001R
Sunridge MCD plugMCD#60, MCD#68
W.FL receptacleW.FL-R-SMT-1Compatible toIPEX MHFIII receptacle20369-001E
Sunrdige MCD receptacleMCD-ST-00T
H.FL plugH.FL plugCompatible toNot available so far
H.FL receptacleH.FL-R-SMTCompatible toNot available so far
E.FL plugE.FL-LP-066Compatible toNot available so far
E.FL receptacleE.FL-R-SMTCompatible toNot available so far
N.FL plugN.FL-LP-040Compatible toNot available so far
N.FL receptacleN.FL-R-SMT-1Compatible toNot available so far
W.FL2 plugW.FL2 plugCompatible toNot available so far
W.FL2 receptacleW.FL2-R-SMT-1Compatible toNot available so far