MCX connector jack straight for SMT mount

MCX connector jack straight for SMT mount

MCX connector belongs a member of RF connectors. This MCX connector is jack(female) and straight type with SMT outlook (short legs). It’s designed to be surface mounted on PCB. It is Gold plating with 50 ohm impedance and RoHS compliant.

MCX Connector has snap-on mating design allowing quick mating in limited space. Besides, MCX jack crimp series still have straight jack, straight bulkhead crimp jack and PCB jack. MCX Connector commonly is used for 0~6 GHz. If you have special performance request, special mechanical design, or need to customize RF connectors, or RF cables, please contact us.

MCX connector jack straight SMT mount type can be soldered on PCB’s surface and transmit RF Signal between application and printed circuit board. MCX RF connector is most commonly used in GPS receiver, GSM modules or Wireless LAN (WLAN) application these kinds of RF connectors or RF antenna or RF adaptor cable industry.

Part Numbers

P/N & DrawingDescriptionCable GroupOhm
C08AN3F07MCX RF connector straight SMT jackN/A50