Mini Coax Connector

Mini Coax Connector

The Miniature Microwave coaxial connector (Mini Coax Connector) is designed to be used inside laptops or embedded systems with tiny size to transmit high frequency up to 6GHz. Famous Miniature RF coaxial connector include Hirose U.FL, W.FL, H.FL, IPEX MHF, IPEX MHF2, IPEX MHF3, IPEX MHF4, Murata GSC and HSC.

Those miniature coaxial RF connectors have click-lock mating design to allow easy connection and disconnection. Receptacle miniature coaxial rf connectors generally are SMT type packed in reel-and tape.

IPEX Connector


Hirose Connector

Hirose U.FL, H.FL, W.FL

Murata Connnector

Murata GSC, HSC connector

SMT Receptacle

Surface mount Receptacle