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Contact UsWe are much pleased to know you are interested in our products and will contact us for quotation and specification. In order to save your time and get our quick response, following is some important information we have to know to quote in 24 hours.

Inquiry Antenna

If you are interested in Antenna,please advise us:

  1. Frequency range
  2. Gain request
  3. Connector type at another end of cable
  4. Cable type
  5. Cable length
  6. Glass Mount type or Magnetic Type or Rubber Ducker Type
  7. Quantity


Inquiry RF Cable Assembly

If you are interested in RF Cable Assembly or Mini Cable Assembly,please advise us:

  1. Connector type at both end (Series Name, Male or Female, Straight, Bulkhead, Right Angle or Panel Mount)
  2. Cable Type
  3. Cable length
  4. Performance Request (Frequency, VSWR or Return Loss and Insertion Loss)
  5. Quantity


Inquiry RF Connector

If you are interested in RF Coaxial Connector,please advise us:

  1. Male (Plug) or Female (Jack)
  2. Appearance: Straight / Bulkhead / Bulkhead Front Mount / Right Angle / 2 hole or 4 hole Panel Mount
  3. Termination method: Crimp, Clamp, Solder type, PCB type, Press-Fit type
  4. Cable type
  5. Quantity




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