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RP TNC ConnectorReverse Polarity (RP) TNC connector is a variation of standard TNC connector, and has female pin in male body or male pin in female body. Reverse Polarity (RP) TNC connector is designed to have 7/16”-28 thread coupling. Besides, Reverse Polarity (RP) TNC connector series are available for various RF cables.

Wellshow Technology manufactures various Reverse Polarity (RP) TNC connectors and custom RP TNC RF cable assemblies in Taiwan. We can provide good quality RP TNC connector in short time and welcome OEM or customized RF connector. Contact us by email or call us 886-2-24270488 to start business!

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Same as TNC connectors, Reverse Polarity TNC connector (RP TNC) are designed with 7/16”-28 thread coupling and as a threaded version of the BNC connectors. With a medium size compared with SMA connectors and N connectors, and has bigger pitch thread, RP TNC connectors and TNC connectors are ideal choice for use in equipment which need a high durable coupling.

Reverse Polarity TNC connector (RP TNC) are based on the regulations of FCC and generally used in WiFi / Wireless LAN (WLAN) application.

Product Range

    • Cable Connectors (straight and right angle) for flexible, semi-flex and semi-rigid cables
    • PCB connectors (straight and right angle)
    • Panel connectors in various flanges
    • Adaptors


        • Cable Assembly
        • Microwave Components
        • Base Stations
        • Cellular Mobile Phones
        • Instrumentation
        • Military equipment
        • Radar
        • Networks
        • Antennas
        • Telecommunications



          RP TNC Interface Dimensions

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          RP TNC Connector Technical Characteristics

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