Waterproof GPS AntennaWellshow has developed and manufactured many WLAN/WiFi antenna, GSM Antenna and GPS Antenna and also customized antenna for other bands per customer’s needs.

Waterproof level antenna for outdoor use can be designed and manufactured. Customers’ high satisfaction is from our 100% antenna testing before shipping. We believe the excellent quality control is one of ways to keep top.

Please find our standard antennas in the following list. For custom-built antennas, we are ready to discuss your specific requirements, and please contact us.

All Antenna Series

WiFi Antenna

Wireless LAN,WLAN Antenna

GPS Antenna

External GPS Antenna

GSM Antenna

Quad-Band/Dual-Band Antenna

GPS Module

Internal Active GPS Modules

DVB-T Antenna

Digital Video Antenna

GPS Patch Antenna

Ceramic GPS Patch Antenna