Murata Connector

Murata manufactures MXTK92 and MXTK88 (GSC) Mini Coax connector, and MHXP32 (HSC) Mini Coax connector. Murata GSC is the lowest-profile 2.0mm RF connector, and Murata HSC is 1.2mm profile RF coax connector.

MXTK92/ MXTK88/ MHSC are with miniaturization and high-frequency characteristics, and 50 ohm impedance. MXTK92/ MXTK88/ MXHP32 can transmit DC~6GHz signal in the mobile terminals and WLAN communication portable devices.

Murata GSC coaxial connector is compatible to Sunridge MCF connector, and Murata HSC coaxial connector is compatible to IPEX (IPX) connector MHF4 series.

Murata RF connectors

DescriptionMated HeightPlug PNCable GroupReceptacle PNWorking Frequency
GSC connector2.0mmMXTK920.81mmMM9329-27000 ~ 6GHz
2.0mmMXTK880.81mm, solid conductorMM9329-27000 ~ 6GHz
HSC connector1.2mmMXHP320.81mmMM4829-27020 ~ 6GHz

Compatible Information

Murata GSC plugMXTK92 / MXTK88Compatible toSunridge MCF plugMCF#59
Murata GSC receptacleMM9329-2700Compatible toSunridge MCF receptacleMCF-ST-00T
Murata HSC plugMXHP32Compatible toIPEX MHF 4 plug20448-001R-08
Murata HSC receptacleMM4829-2702Compatible toIPEX MHF 4 receptacle20449-001E