RF Cable Assembly

RF Cable Assembly

RF coax cable assembly is used as adaptor cable to connect both devices n signal transmission. (ie. Wireless module and 2.4G antenna). The application is much wide from WLAN, GPS, GSM, Radio VHF, DVB-T, and even for Medical instrumentation.

Custom cable assemblies in 7 days

Wellshow is the top cable assembly manufacturer in Taiwan. We have various standard RF connectors and coaxial cables in stock and can assemble per customers’ requests just in 7 days. Contact us now with your requests to get prices and drawings.

Meet customers’ needs

After price approved, we will provide drawings for approval. Please make sure all special requests are noted on drawing before approve.

The Manufacturing System Command for each RF cable assembly will be built by engineer according to approved drawing. Every single procedure on Manufacturing System Command has quality control rule, and QC check in-processing all the time.

A systemized manufacturing procedure, 100% signal continuity testing, in-process, final process, and out-going QC inspection guarantee every customer to receive best quality cables.

Ability of RF coax cable assembly

The thinnest cable we can assemble is 0.8mm dia.

The biggest coaxial cable assemble we can make is LMR500 which has 12.5mm dia.

The shortest coax cable we can assemble is 18mm

The longest stripping we can make is 300mm

If you have an inquiry

Necessary information is:

  1. RF Connector type at both ends
  2. Coax cable type
  3. Coax cable length (Include or exclude both connectors)
  4. Quantity

Additional information is:

  1. Working frequency (Advise if it’s over 3GHz for 50ohm cable or 1GHz for 75ohm cable)
  2. Orientation (Please consider when cable length is shorter than 150mm)
  3. Label or label location (White label with unscratched black text and logo)
  4. Adhesive type heat shrinking tube

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