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SMP ConnectorSMP connector is extremely small size coaxial connector in RF connector. SMP connector is designed to have two coupling options of snap-on mating and thread mating. In snap-on configuration, there are three levels of mate and de-mate force of Smooth bore, Limited detent and full detent. SMP connector can be used up to 40GHz.

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SMP Connector Series

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SMP Plug Connector

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SMP Jack Connector


SMP connectors are extremely small size coaxial connector for applications up to 40 GHz. In snap-on configuration, there are three plug types available:

Smooth bore: Sliding contact, for plug-in technology and back plane applications.

Limited detent: Semi-fixed detent, for applications with low to medium mechanical loads and is a typically selected.

Full detent: Vibration-resistant, fixed detent. It’s for high mechanical loads like applications in aerospace.

The Jack SMP is connectable with all three plug types.

The main application of SMP series is board to board high frequency coaxial connections. For example, both plugs on each PC boards separately, and have a female to female SMP adaptor (bullet) to connect both boards.

Product Range

  • Cable Jack connectors (flexible 1.13, semi-flex and semi-rigid cables)
  • PCB connectors (straight and right angle)
  • Adaptor


  • Aerospace
  • Instrumentation
  • Telecommunication



SMP Interface Dimensions

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SMP Connector Technical Characteristics

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