BT3002 Coaxial Cable 75ohm

BT3002 is a coaxial cable with a 75ohm solid center core (1×0.31mm) and a double briad shield with a white PVC Jacket. The outer diameter is 3.55mm.

BT3002 coaxial cable is commonly used for interconnection of data or telecoms equipment with 75ohm connector like SMB RF connector, 1.0/2.3 RF connector, 1.6/5.6 RF connector.

Double Shielded Coaxial Cable Structure

Cable Construction

Conductor (A)Insulation (B)1st Shield (C)2st Shield (D)Jacket (E)
Diameter0.31 mm1.95 mm3.55 mm
MaterialSolid Copper WireLDPECopper Wire
Coverage: 75%
Copper Wire
Coverage: 85%


  • Impedance: 75 +/-4 Ω
  • Capacitance: Nom. 66 pF/m
  • Shield Coverage: 1st Shield Coverage Min. 75%; 2st Shield Coverage Min. 85%
  • Conductor: Solid Copper Wire (1×0.31mm)

More information about cable Attenuation, Diameter and Electrical properties. Please refer to Cable Specification.
Coaxial Cable Datasheet