1.32mm Coaxial Cable Double Shielded

1.32mm RF coaxial cable specification, custom 1.32mm coaxial cable assembly, Double shielded to enhance performance, 1.32mm bend radius and coverage info.

1.32mm coax cable double shielded commonly terminated with Hirose U.FL-LP-066, and IPEX 20278-112R-32 to be RF cable for wireless communication systems, GSM system and GPS system.

Double Shielded Coaxial Cable Structure

Cable Construction

Conductor (A)Insulation (B)1st Shield (C)2st Shield (D)Jacket (E)
Diameter0.22 mm0.70 mm1.32 mm
MaterialSilver Cover CopperFEPSilver Cover Copper
Coverage: 90.4 %
Silver Cover Copper
Coverage: 78.4 %


  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Capacitance: 95.8 pF/M
  • Conductor: Silver Cover Copper, 32AWG (7/0.088 mm)
  • Shield Coverage: 1st Shield 90.4 %, 2st Shield 78.4 %
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 5.5 mm

More information about 1.32mm double braid coaxial cable Attenuation, Diameter and Electrical properties. Please refer to Cable Specification.
Coaxial Cable Datasheet