RG58/U Low Loss Coaxial Cable

RG58/U RF Coaxial cable, Low Loss, Solid Conductor and Alum. foil binder, Enhance signal transmission, RG58 Low Loss Spec., Coverage, Bend Radius and Attenuation data

RG58/U is Low Loss Coaxial Cable with solid conductor and Alum. foil binder between dielectric and shielding. It’s commonly be terminated with TNC Connector, BNC Connector, N Connector and SMA Connector. Please contact us to customize your ideal RG58 Low Loss RF Cable Assembly.
Low Loss Coaxial Cable Construction

Cable Construction

 Conductor (A)Insulation (B)Binder (C)Braid Shield (D)Jacket (E)
Diameter1.02 mm2.9 mm 3.4 mm5.0 mm
MaterialBare Copper WireFoam polyethyleneAluminum FoilTinned Copper WirePVC


  • Impedance: 53 Ω
  • Capacitance: 83 pF/m
  • Conductor: Bare Copper Wire (1/1.02mm)
  • Shield Coverage: 98%
  • Minimum Bend Radius: min. 20mm

More information about RG-58/U Low Loss coaxial cable Attenuation, Diameter and Electrical properties. Please refer to Cable Specification.
Coaxial Cable Datasheet