MMCX connector jack right angle (R/A) for PCB mount

MMCX connector jack right angle (R/A) for PCB mount


MMCX RF Connectors

MMCX connector is one kind of RF connectors. This MMCX connector is jack/ female and right angle (R/A) type. It’s designed to terminate with PCB. Its plating is brass gold and the impedance is 50 ohm.

MMCX connector is small size in RF connectors. MMCX Connector has snap-on coupling. Besides, MMCX jack crimp series still have Right angle jack, straight bulkhead crimp jack, straight jack, edge mount jack, straight PCB mount and SMT jack. MMCX Connector commonly is used for 0~3GHz. If you need higher working frequency, special mechanical design, customized RF connectors, or RF cables, please contact us.

MMCX connector jack right angle (R/A) PCB mount type can be soldered on PCB and transmit RF Signal well in telecommunications. MMCX RF connector is most commonly used in GPS external Antenna, GSM internal Antenna or GPS/GSM application these kinds of RF connectors industry.

Part Numbers

P/NRF connector descriptionOhm
C06BN3KP00410MMCX RF connector R/A jack for PCB50



Impedance50 ohm
Frequency range0 ~ 6 GHz
VSWRStraight type ≤ 1.3 max.
R/A type ≤ 1.5 max.
Dielectric withstanding voltage500 V rms
Working voltage0170 V rms
Center contact resistance≤ 5.0 mΩ (Milliohms max.)
Outer contact resistance≤ 2.5 mΩ (Milliohms max.)
Insulation resistance≥ 103 MΩ (Megohms min.)
Contact Retention2.3 lbs min.
Mating Durability500 cycles min. (For Beryllium copper contact only)
Temperature RangeTeflon −65ºC ~ +155 ºC
VibrationMIL-STD-202 Meth. 204
Corrosion resistanceMIL-STD-202 Meth. 101
Body, coupling nutBrass
Center contactBrass for male,
Beryllium copper for female
Crimping sleeveAnnealed Brass
Body platingGold (Ag)
Center contact platingGold (Ag)

Note: These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.